Dec 13, 2023

“80% of Prospects Say NO Four Times Before Saying YES” And Other Hottest SMM Trends 2024

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🎥 In 2024, you won’t build a strong brand if you’re still relying on traditional marketing.

Ever wonder why it's crucial to have your brand popping up across different channels? Well, let's put it this way: a recent LinkedIn Sales Report revealed a surprising fact – about 80% of prospects typically say 'NO' at least four times before they finally agree with a 'YES'. It's not just about reaching out; it's about being consistently visible and engaging where your prospects are. Each 'NO' might just be a step closer to that 'YES', and being present on multiple platforms ensures you're there at every step, gently nudging them towards that affirmative nod.

This is exactly why the omni-channel approach is taking off as one of the hottest marketing trends in 2024.

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Today, we're diving into the SMM trends for 2024. So, let's get started!

🔥1. Traditional step-by-step marketing is DEAD

First up, a game-changer: traditional marketing is officially a thing of the past.

The 'buy, die, or unsubscribe' approach? Gone.

Today's customers require from 8 to 40 interactions with your brand before making the first purchase! They will definitely Google your brand, check your website and your social media, and read reviews for your services before buying anything from you.

What does it mean for brands?

In 2024, you will need to be everywhere, all the time.

So get ready to 👇👇👇

🚀 Post content more often;

🚀 Distribute the content through more marketing channels.

I know the distribution part may seem too complex; this is why we have prepared a special checklist for brands. Check out the link here to grab your free copy.

👥 2. Humanizing Brands

People don't just want to buy from brands.

They want to buy from people.

Which is actually great news for brands! It's your chance to showcase your team, your workspace, and the real stories behind your products. Your sense of humor, too! If you have one 😉

Bonus point: Being open with your audience attracts both customers and potential employees.

Recruitment marketing starts with company culture - and you can’t showcase it better than through your socials.

👍 3. The Power of User-Generated Content

"Talking about people buying from people - in 2024, user-generated content (UGC) will be your new best friend.

Honest reviews from real people are officially replacing professional commercials everywhere, even on TV!

This shift is significant because it builds trust. Plus, it's budget-friendly! All you need is a smartphone and real customers willing to share their experiences.

Then, with a bit of editing, BOOM! 💥💥💥 you have a great ad!

📹 4. The Dominance of Video Content

Videos are king in 2024.

Wizowl's report showed that 92% of marketers who use videos in their marketing strategy found that this type of content boosted traffic, leads, and sales and even reduced support queries.

Today, consumers expect to see video content from brands - and use it as a key part of their research and purchasing decisions.

If you haven’t incorporated video into your marketing strategy yet, now is the time to start.

🎨 5. Content Aesthetics

Fifth on our list is the visual appeal of your content.

Last year, AI tools like Midjourney revolutionized content creation. It became so much easier for brands to create content that looked professionally done!

But as AI continues to evolve, it's crucial to keep experimenting with new prompts, automations, and tools.

And remember, while AI can assist in the creative process, it can't always replace the skilled eye of a professional designer. Even though AI can save you time, do not forget how important a human touch is to bring your brand's unique vision to life and give it a memorable look.

🌟6. Collaborations with Micro- and Nano-Influencers

Another key trend we'll be seeing in 2024 is the rise of collaborations with micro- and nano-influencers.

These influencers may have smaller audiences, but what they lack in numbers, they make up for in engagement and trust. Their followers see them as more relatable and authentic compared to larger influencers.

This means their endorsements can be incredibly effective. For brands, working with these influencers can lead to more targeted and genuine connections with potential customers.

⏱ 7. The Need for Speed in Responses

Moving on to our last trend: responsiveness.

Since 2010, the acceptable wait time for online responses has decreased by 90% ⏱️

People don’t wait days for a reply anymore.

They move on, often to a more speedy competitor. So, what's the solution here?

✅ Be alert.

✅ Turn on the notifications.

✅ Set up your chatbots.

and ✅ get ready to engage instantly across all channels, including social media.

This immediate engagement keeps prospects interested and shows that you value their time.


According to a recent LinkedIn State of Sales Report, 78% of salespeople say that social selling is critical to their sales strategy.

This brings us to the bottom line of this blog: social media has evolved from a trend to a necessity in the world of sales.

It's more than just a tool; it's a strategy that enables you to connect with prospects in a more meaningful way. To excel at it in 2024, you should focus on building authentic relationships rather than just pushing your product. Engage with your target audience on social media, share valuable content, and actively listen to their needs.

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FAQs: Engaging with the Top Social Media Marketing Trends of 2024

Q1: What type of content would be the most important in 2024?

It's simple - video content is the game-changer in 2024's social media marketing scene. It's not just about posting; it's about engaging and captivating your audience. Videos are now the go-to for boosting traffic, leads, and sales. If you're not on this train yet, you're missing out big time!

Q2: Is AI the new secret weapon in social media content creation?

Absolutely! AI is shaking things up in content creation, making things faster and more efficient. But hey, don't forget the human touch. AI is cool, but it's the blend of tech and human creativity that really makes your content pop.

Q3: Micro-Influencers and Nano-Influencers: why are they the big deal in SMM now?

Here's the scoop: it's all about authenticity and connection. Micro- and nano-influencers might have smaller followings, but their word is gold. Their audiences are super engaged, making these influencers the new hot ticket for genuine brand promotion.

Q4: User-Generated Content vs. Professional Ads: who wins in 2024?

User-generated content is taking the lead! It's real, it's raw, and it's what people trust. Sure, professional ads have their place, but nothing beats the power of a genuine customer testimonial in today's market.

Q5: Quick responses on social media: just a trend or a must-do?

It's a must-do, no question! Fast responses are the new norm. It's all about showing your audience that you're there and you care – pronto! Slow responses? That's so last decade.

Q6: Omni-Channel Approach in SMM: why is it a big deal in 2024?

Omni-channel is the buzzword for a reason. It's about being where your customers are, on every platform they love. Seamless experience, consistent messaging – that's the key to winning hearts (and wallets) in 2024.

Q7: Making social media more human: how do brands do it right?

Get real! Show the faces behind your brand, the bloopers, the real stories. It's all about making your audience feel like they're part of your journey, not just spectators. Humanize to harmonize, that's the mantra for 2024.