Feb 21, 2024

Social Media Algorithms 2024

Today we're talking about social media algorithms and how to leverage them in 2024.

Facebook: How Does It Work?

Ever wonder why most business posts don't get the attention they deserve? Blame it on the Facebook algorithm.

First, Facebook likes personal posts more than business posts. That's why you'll see more posts from friends and family, plus content from people you regularly interact with. But that doesn’t mean businesses are doomed to fail on Facebook. Business content can be personal, too. Stick around, 'cause later in this video, I'll share how to make your brand feel more human.

Facebook's moved beyond just counting likes. Now, it's all about different reactions and meaningful comments. An active discussion on your post signals Facebook that your content is engaging and deserves a boost.

Love videos? Expect to see more in your feed. Facebook customizes your feed based on your most frequent interactions. If you spend time watching videos, it will give you more videos, if you’re into memes - it will give you memes, and so on. So, brands, consider mixing up your content to appeal to a broader audience.

Key Changes in 2024

Facebook has started promoting content from Groups and Events as never before. In 2022 they were called “the two biggest reasons people visit Facebook every day", so the algorithm's been tweaked to highlight them more. Brands, for you, it's time to step up your community engagement.

Facebook introduced a range of controls and preferences that allow users to customize their interaction with the platform. Now, with a few tweaks, users can filter out noise and focus on what truly resonates with them; for example, they can choose their favorite profiles and adjust their feed to see less or more content of a particular type. This change led to a more enjoyable and engaging Facebook experience.

Marketing Tips for Facebook in 2024

Your personal account will be your best helper in 2024. Promote your brand in groups using your personal account if you want to build brand awareness.

Speaking of being personal on socials - we already talked about the importance of personal connections on social media in our previous video, “The Hottest Social Media Marketing Trends in 2024” (link above). Here's a quick recap: humanizing your brand is crucial this year. Share behind-the-scenes moments, your team, your workspace, and real company stories. That's my top tip for mastering any social media algorithm in 2024.

Don't forget to vary your content types. Facebook videos are huge, whether live or not, so start using them!

And finally, encourage content that sparks deep, meaningful comments. Get more engagement with polls, questions, and requests for reviews. And don't be shy to ask your audience for more interaction. People value honesty, so if your post needs a boost, just ask. In fact, I’m asking you to like and comment on this video right now! :)

Instagram Algorithm: The Engagement Powerhouse

Instagram's the king of engagement, way ahead of Facebook. While their algorithms are very similar, there are some key differences:

First of all, on Instagram, fresh content gets a priority boost.

Next, hashtags are major traffic drivers on Instagram. Posts with your favorite hashtags get priority in your feed.

What distinguishes Instagram from Facebook the most: Instagram treats brand and personal content equally, giving your brand as much chance to shine as any personal profile.

Key Changes in 2024

In 2024, you'll see even more content from profiles you don't follow, right in your main feed, not just in the Discover tab. To widen your content's reach, focus on scoring more likes and comments from your followers.

Instagram recently outlined its content recommendation criteria. Here are three key rules for making it into the Discover section:

1) Avoid clickbaits or engagement baits.

2) Steer clear of contests or giveaways.

3) Don’t repost content from other sources unless you're adding value.

Expert Tips for Instagram in 2024

Reels will still be winning in 2024, so make sure they're part of your marketing strategy.

After posting, spend the first hour engaging with your followers' content to give your post a boost.

Make the first three hours count by replying to every comment.

Craft meaningful captions, ask questions, and encourage followers to share their stories in the comments.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to hashtags. Experiment with different strategies and research keywords. There are tons of AI tools out there in 2024 to help you.

Focus on Instagram Stories for more organic reach, and the best part? They don’t mess with your feed's aesthetic.

Consistency is crucial. The algorithm isn't kind to chaotic posting. Choose a posting frequency you can stick with, whether it's daily, every other day, or twice a week.

Pro Tip from Serge Creator Studios: batch-create your content 1 or 2 times a month and use a scheduling tool for consistent posting.

LinkedIn Algorithm: Insights and Strategies

Compared to Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn’s algorithm hasn't seen much change since 2005. It’s pretty straightforward.

LinkedIn: How Does It Work?

LinkedIn shows you content from people:

- You know and have previously engaged with;

- Who post regularly;

- Who actively engages and comments on others' posts. So, make interacting part of your daily LinkedIn routine to grow your presence.

- Interestingly, LinkedIn values lengthy comments more than a bunch of quick reactions. Aim for as many comments as possible in the first couple of hours to increase your post's reach.

- LinkedIn favors native content, so mix up your post types and include personal stories – that's what really resonates with the LinkedIn crowd.

- Like other platforms, LinkedIn prioritizes personal pages over business pages. So again, humanizing your brand and cultivating brand ambassadors within your company is key in 2024.

Key Changes in 2024

Here’s something unexpected: In 2024, LinkedIn will punish posts with links in the first comment. It's a shift from past practices, and now it's better to include links directly in your posts.

Tagging others can significantly boost your views, especially if they're high-level execs from big companies.

Videos on LinkedIn won’t be as popular as they were in 2023. Same with images. Remember this crazy trend on LinkedIn when every post included a selfie? This year, it’s finally gone, and we’re back to text content dominance.

Winning on LinkedIn in 2024

Now, let's break it down. To win on LinkedIn in 2024:

- Post consistently. Daily is ideal.

- Don’t just post – comment on others' posts too. Aim for at least five a day, or ten if you're really dedicated to growing your audience. And go beyond “Nice post!” – write thoughtful, multi-sentence comments.

- Mix up your content with text, images, and videos. LinkedIn may prefer text, but it's worth experimenting to see what yields the best impact for your efforts.

- And, ditch the old habit of posting links in comments. Now, include them directly in your posts.

YouTube: How Does It Work?

And finally… YouTube. It remains one of the more complex social media algorithms in 2024. Here's the rundown:

YouTube recommends videos based on your past watch history.

It favors content from creators you've previously watched.

It boosts viral videos, even those unrelated to your interests.

It relies heavily on keywords, making SEO optimization crucial for your YouTube content.

Key Changes in 2024

In 2024, YouTube's algorithm will pay more attention to the type of content you upload and how likely it is that users will interact with it.

Your connections with your subscribers are more valuable than your subscriber count. So make sure they understand your channel's theme and what to expect from you.

Tips for Winning on YouTube in 2024

- SEO-optimize all your YouTube videos.

- Post regularly to stay on top of the subscription feed.

- Like and comment on videos in your niche, but don’t promote your own channel.

- Use other marketing channels to boost views and engagement in the first few hours after posting.

- Make the first few seconds and minutes of your video captivating and concise. Otherwise, you will have high bounce rates and low watch time.

- Early in your videos, encourage viewers to "hit the like button or comment" if they're enjoying the content.

And that's a wrap on winning the social media game in 2024! In summary, 2024 is all about being authentic, engaging, and versatile in your social media strategy. Stay true to your brand, connect genuinely with your audience, and adjust your strategy to the newest algorithms of social media. Do this, and you'll not just play the game; you'll be ahead of it.

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Here's to a successful year on social media!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Social Media Algorithms in 2024

1. How has the Facebook algorithm changed in 2024?

The Facebook algorithm in 2024 prioritizes content from Groups and Events more than before. It also focuses on user engagement such as reactions and meaningful comments over mere likes. Facebook now promotes more personalized content based on users' interactions.

2. What are the top tips for marketing on Facebook in 2024?

For effective Facebook marketing in 2024, use your personal account to promote brand content in groups, humanize your brand by sharing behind-the-scenes content, vary your content types with a focus on videos, and encourage engagement through polls, questions, and honest requests for interaction.

3. What are the major changes to the Instagram algorithm in 2024?

In 2024, Instagram gives priority to fresh content and has made it more likely for users to see content from profiles they don’t follow. The platform also outlined specific criteria for content recommendation, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and interaction.

4. How can brands optimize their Instagram strategy in 2024?

Brands should focus on creating engaging Reels, interacting with followers promptly after posting, crafting meaningful captions, using varied hashtag strategies, maintaining consistency in posting, and utilizing Instagram Stories for greater organic reach.

5. What are the new guidelines for LinkedIn content in 2024?

LinkedIn in 2024 discourages the practice of placing links in the first comment and encourages posts to include them directly in the content. The platform continues to value native content, personal stories, and meaningful interactions over superficial engagement.

6. How can individuals and brands succeed on LinkedIn in 2024?

Success on LinkedIn involves posting consistently, engaging thoughtfully with others' content, mixing up post types, and integrating personal stories. Avoid posting links in comments and focus on building genuine connections.

7. What changes has YouTube's algorithm undergone in 2024?

YouTube's algorithm in 2024 places greater emphasis on user engagement and the relevance of content to viewers’ interests. It continues to recommend videos based on past watch history and keywords, making SEO optimization more crucial than ever.

8. What are the best practices for growing a YouTube channel in 2024?

Optimize all YouTube content for SEO, post regularly, engage with similar content without self-promotion, use multiple marketing channels to boost early engagement, and ensure your videos are captivating from the start to retain viewer interest.

9. How can businesses and creators stay ahead in the social media game in 2024?

Staying ahead requires authenticity, strategic engagement, and adaptability to algorithm changes. Brands and creators should focus on connecting genuinely with their audience and consistently deliver valuable, relevant content across platforms.

10. Why is being authentic important in social media marketing in 2024?

Authenticity leads to more meaningful engagement, builds trust with your audience, and aligns with the algorithms' preference for genuine interactions and content. It helps brands and creators stand out and maintain a loyal following amidst the noise of social media.